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Going to Romania for the first time, it is useful to learn about some of the nuances of the country. This will help to avoid problems that might arise from your ignorance. Customs regulations in Romania differ little from conventional: there is a ban on the importation of narcotics, weapons, etc. There is a restriction on the importation of coffee and cocoa: no more than 200 grams per person. In the country, you can freely import up to $ 1,000, the amount from 1 and up to 50 thousand dollars to be declared. The best mode of transport to travel around the country is a train. Prices are lower than on buses. Besides Romanian buses are very old and most of them are uncomfortable. As for public transport, the most common means of transportation is a taxi. The only drawback is the fact that the taxi drivers usually do not speak any other language than Romanian. There is a subway in Bucharest, it runs from 5 till 23:30. Cards (tickets) are sold at the entrance. Station names are usually very difficult to see because signs hang in the most awkward places, so try to listen to ads stops. But the best way to get acquainted with Bucharest is explore it on foot in order not to miss any of the sights.

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Bucharest hotels team Meet your local connection in Bucharest, Romania- Roxana Ionescu & the team of Travel Biz! We are proud to be apart of, and are passionate about sharing our destination with travellers. Bucharest is a city rich in history, with unique customs and traditions that are still practiced today. We are fond of working with people, interacting with different cultures and going above and beyond to provide the best service.

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Andres HotelEUR 58.00

Ramada Plaza HotelEUR 128.00

Comanca LodgeEUR 45.00

Casa Capsa HotelEUR 110.00

Castel HotelEUR 63.00

Armonia HotelEUR 73.00

Denisa HotelEUR 58.00

Noel PensionEUR 32.00

Confort Traian HotelEUR 68.00

Elizeu HotelEUR 72.00

Continental HotelEUR 30.00

Johann Strauss HotelEUR 84.00

Vidruta LodgeEUR 21.00

Piccolo Mondo HotelEUR 98.00

Euro Hotels TriumfEUR 60.00

NH Hotel EUR 68.00

Ibis HotelEUR 71.00

Intercontinental Hotel BucharestEUR 200.00

Golden PensionEUR 42.00

Citadella HotelEUR 61.00

Casa Domneasca Pension EUR 31.00

Euro Hotels PolizuEUR 60.00

Bulevard Prestige HotelEUR 182.00

Howard Johnson Grand Plaza BucharestEUR 112.00

Caciulata LodgeEUR 26.00

Andy HotelEUR 92.00

Ramada Parc HotelEUR 108.00

Crystal Palace HotelEUR 104.00

Cornelia VillaEUR 70.00

Capitol HotelEUR 60.00

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