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Romania's capital can be called the second Madrid as here, in Bucharest you can enjoy strolling along the beautiful boulevards with manicured greenery, admire magnificent architecture, unique buildings of the past centuries and dive into the cultural heritage of old Romanian aristocracy. Tourist will be particularly interested in visiting the the old part of the city, in which the most beautiful historical and architectural Bucharest structures are concentrated. In Bucharest you can find a wide selection of luxury apartments for rent like.

Undoubtedly, the most striking with its globality, is the Palace of Parliament. This palace is the second largest after Pentagon building in the world largest buildings charts. It is interesting that exclusively Romanian building materials were used in its construction. The building includes more than 3 thousand rooms. Construction of such a giant, implied demolition of many historic neighboring places of the city, but it was worth it as after the completion of the project its splendor strikes eyes and remains in the memory of each tourist for many years. Nowadays, international forums and conferences with participation of world leaders are often held there. You should also visit Cotroceni Palace. It is particularly interesting for its Neo-Renaissance interior style, where you can see the bedroom and library of Romanian Queen, Norwegian luxurious salon, as well as other unique interiors and rooms. If you want to know more about accommodation opportunities including luxury apartments for rent in Bucharest visit this page.

You can discover local Arc de Triomphe next to the Palace of Parliament. Initially it was made of timber, and then the material was changed on granite. Arch was built in 1922 in memory of the victims of the Romanian soldiers during the 1st World War. There is an opportunity for an internal staircase rising to a special observation deck and enjoy the surroundings as well unique sculptures that decorate the arch. Numerous architectural masterpieces are located in the old city center. The most popular part of the city is Lipscani. Once the area has been the historical heart of the capital, and now has become a center of rest and trade. Old frescos on buildings facades interlaced harmoniously with modern graffiti masterpieces from local talented artists.

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