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Shopping in Bucharest

Shopping in Bucharest is great for all budgets; you can shop at expensive fashion boutiques, art galleries and even street stalls. High-end and branded stores have been around in Romania since the 1990s. Take a walk on Blvd. Magheru from the Piata Romana to the Piata Universitatii to see a range of shops and new malls, which are popular with the rich and famous of Bucharest.

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Shopping Places

Baneasa Shopping City

Baneasa Shopping City is the largest mall in Bucharest and was oppened in April 2008. It hosts more than 200 shops, food court, theaters and casino.

Carrefour Feeria Complex - Baneasa Bucharest


Plaza Romania

Opened in 2004, Plaza Romania offers its guests the possibility to choose quality goods from over 150 shops. The food court offers a variety of fast food and fine dining restaurants. It has a very large supermarket, arcades, bowling alleys, 11 theatres, fitness centre and more. It is situated next to university campuses and a lot of commuting facilities like busses, subway and trams. 

Bulevardul Timisoara 26

+40 021.407.84.75

+40 21 319 50 51


Bucharest Mall

Bucharest Mall was the first mall opened in Romania and is located within minutes away from the city centre, museums and the business centre.

It has 140 shops and offers its guests the possibility to relax and be entertained in its 10 theatres, casino, arcades, bowling alleys and food court and banks. On the first floor, the GIMA Supermarket offers you the possibility to get groceries while shopping for your favourite things or watching your favourite movies.

Calea Vitan 55-59

+40 21 327.67.00

+40 21 320.92.09



Unirea Shopping Center

Unirea Shopping Center is the largest shopping center in Bucharest. It houses over 200 shops and boutiques where you can find pretty much everything. It also has a food court, banks, and entertainment facilities. It is situated right in Piata Unirii, next to the subway station and several bus stations. From there you can easily reach all the important attractions in the city. The Parliament House can be seen from the left side of the construction. 

Piata Unirii 1

+40- 21 30 30 307


Mario Plaza

Mario Plaza is located in the center of the city, next to the National Televison. It has exclusive stores and butiques and is well appreciated by the locals.

Calea Dorobantilor 172


Liberty Center Mall

Liberty Center was opened in October 2008. It offers an indoor skating rink, the only 3D movie theatre in Bucharest, food court, and lots of shops where you can find pretty much everything.

5th Distric, Bucharest

+40 21 206 85 70

+40 21 206 85 88



City Mall

Located 5 minutes away from Piata Unirii, in Piata Eroii Revolutiei, City Mall is the only mall that serves the south part of Bucharest. It has more than 100 shops, food court, bowling alleys, pool tables, casino, banks, supermarket, and movie theatres. Its parking lot has 11 floors and has more than 1000 parking spaces. The store Eroii is also famous for repairing cellular phones and programming for mobile devices - You will never miss this place!

Sos. Oltenitei 2




Calea Victoriei

Calea Victoriei is a commercial street, where you can find exclusive and designer shops.

Calea Victoriei Bucharest

Calea Dorobantilor

Calea Dorobantilor is another commercial street in Bucharest. here you can fond from elegant and luxurious concept stores and butiques to arts and crafts traditional shops.

Calea Dorobantilor

Magheru and Nicolae Balcescu Bulevards

Magheru and Nicolae Balcescu Bulevards are two of Bucharet's most desired commercial places due to it's variety of merchandise and shops. 

Magheru and Nicolae Balcescu Bulevards

Old Bucharest

Old Bucharest, Lipscani area, is a place where you can find a lot of antiqes stores, old books stores and many traditional stores.

Old Bucharest

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Berthelot HotelEUR 93.00

Intercontinental Hotel BucharestEUR 200.00

Casa Mica PensionEUR 50.00

NH Hotel EUR 68.00

Capitol HotelEUR 60.00

Johann Strauss HotelEUR 84.00

Continental HotelEUR 30.00

Ramada Parc HotelEUR 108.00

Alex PensionEUR 37.00

Dalin HotelEUR 94.00

Minerva HotelEUR 73.00

Cornelia VillaEUR 70.00

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Castel HotelEUR 63.00

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