Mens Jewelry Styles That Are Popular This Summer in Bucharest


Of course, luxury mens jewelry is far from feminine one in variety and number of offers. But designers are doing their best to create luxury jewelry styles, and with each new collection there are cool new items and trends of men’s jewelry. Let’s have a look at men’s luxury jewelry and how it’s going to be popular this summer in Bucharest.

• Men's pendants and expensive diamond necklaces. Pendants are most widely represented in the jewelry stores. It is difficult to say why it is so, but only men’s beaded bracelets can compete with them by the number of models. Basically, the pendants are products of strict geometric shapes with a male interpretation: crosses, axes, hammers, cabalistic symbols, zodiac signs and bullets. And, of course, amulets.

• Chokers and collars. This controversial jewelry is popular with European men. Those who follow fashion trends, will certainly want to try on this style. The stylists consider such jewelry a good addition to clothes with a round or "V" - shape cutout.

• Stylish men’s earrings. Jewelry in the ears has long ceased to shock others. The number of men wearing earring is growing every year. But the new trends are not so unambiguous. One massive earring in the left ear will suit many luxury jewelry styles. You can choose a large ring, skull or cross. Earrings with a large black stone look interesting too.

• Wrist jewelry. Men’s diamond beaded bracelets are still very popular in Romania. Since this summer luxury is in trend, you can choose diamond bracelets, mens beaded bracelets or leather bracelets with diamonds. In fact, the materials used for making luxury bracelets are diverse - from natural stone to jewelry steel and titanium alloys. You can also buy bracelets made of genuine leather.

• Men's brooch. This is quite a new jewelry for men. In most cases, this mens luxury jewelry is made in the form of pins with pendants. Sometimes designers give vent to fantasy and add flowers or animals. It is possible to fasten your jacket with such a brooch.

• Modern men's rings. Times when a man wore only an engagement ring have gone. We should remember that the rings were originally a privilege and attribute of luxury jewelry styles of the stronger sex. This summer there won’t be any restrictions - you can wear rings with crosses, skulls and geometric patterns. Mens luxury jewelry made of modern materials is in fashion. The inserts of wood and semiprecious stones are welcome.

• Nominal mens luxury jewelry is gaining popularity. Brands produce a series of luxury mens jewelry, which have a place for engraving. Personalized luxury jewelry can be worn with strict clothing, but some models are designed specifically for entertainment. Several designers have produced ready products with names on them, for example expensive diamond necklaces or diamond bracelets.

Having considered the above trends, it can be said that luxury jewelry styles are still in fashion. Keep in mind that luxury mens jewelry can make your image unique and stylish. If you want to wear classical jewelry, we advise you to look at the novelties of the watch industry, purchase cufflinks and clamps for a tie.

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