How to Choose Rieker Shoes for the Dress?

Nothing improves the image better than a well-chosen footwear. Even if it is almost not noticeable, it can still successfully emphasize the style. Or vice versa, Rieker shoes can stand out as a bright accent, be a highlight of the image. At the same time, light sandals will add romanticism and elegance to your style. The main thing is to understand how to choose Rieker shoes to dress, in order to feel comfortable in any situation. We will help you understand this complicated and, at the same time, interesting issue.

Shoes for sports dresses

This style includes not only dresses for playing sports, for example, tennis, but also safari dresses, denim, knitted dresses, the main feature of which is convenience and comfort. If in past years, designers offered to pick up Rieker shoes that are not for sport, but only resembling this style, today the trend has changed dramatically. Bright sports sneakers, combined in color with the dress is this year's hit!

But if you are more conservative, then choose suitable ballet flats or for a dress in a sportive style, which you can find in the recent collection of Rieker shoes. In the cold season, it can be boots, or even high boots, but it is preferable to choose a low heel.

Shoes for the dress in the casual style

For casual dresses comfort is especially important, so high heels are unlikely to be appropriate. But Rieker shoes like moccasins, ballet flats, small steady heels - this is the choice that will most successfully emphasize the freedom of this style.

Shoes for the romantic dress

Romantic style involves light, airy, flying dresses. Accordingly, shoes should not be bulky, so you can choose light and elegant Rieker shoes.

Shoes for the office style

The name speaks for itself. To follow strict office style, your shoes should complement your image, they shouldn’t be catchy or flashy. If your organization adheres to a dress code, then the nose of such Rieker shoes should be closed, the heel is firm.

Shoes for evening dress

The main factor influencing the choice of your Rieker shoes is your dress:

• with an open dress, we recommend wearing sandals with thin straps.

• with the long dress, choose a steady heel.

Choosing shoes to dresses from different textures

And now we let's talk how to choose shoes to a dress, taking into account the fabric it is made of. The main rule: the lighter the material, the simpler the Rieker shoes should be. For example, airy summer dresses from silk, chiffon and similar fabrics go well with open sandals on a comfortable heel. Slippers, elegant ballet flats are a good option too.

If the dress trim is lace or it is a fully laced dress, then the shoes can also be laced. This does not necessarily have to be lace. Today, designers offer options for footwear from perforated leather, which looks almost weightless.

For the evening dress, Rieker shoes made of leather or suede are suitable. For girls who like to stand out, it is better to wear a half-boot with lacing, boots made of thin leather will also look good. And since recently it is fashionable to wear summer dresses in winter, then this footwear will be very useful.

With a leather dress, you should choose Rieker shoes made of leather or a good leatherette. It will be the completion of the image, not contrasting either in color or in the quality of the dress. Knitted dresses are in good harmony with monophonic Rieker shoes, ankle boots, half boots. A mandatory requirement for such shoes is the presence of a heel. Also, you can choose fashionable crocheted shoes. This summer, knitted dresses can be worn with sandals, and sandals-gladiators.

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